Pensions protest 22 October


The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) is one of the organisations backing a lobby of parliament on Wednesday 22 October. It will call for decent state pensions for all generations. The lobby is specially relevant as fuel bills go though the roof. The NPC has claimed that the announcement that energy bills may rise later in the year by 40 percent will push another 1.6 million older people into fuel poverty. 

Dot Gibson, NPC vice president has said: “The announcement will have a devastating effect on those older people already struggling to pay their energy bills and is likely to drag well over a million more into financial hardship. Around 2.4 million pensioner households are currently spending more than 10 percent of their income on fuel bills, and a 40 percent increase in energy bills will mean that millions of older people will be facing even higher bills than before and having to make the unenviable choice between whether they can eat or heat.” 

“For every 1 percent increase in bills, a further 40,000 older people fall into fuel poverty and every year, well over 20,000 die from the cold. It’s time the government intervened to prevent the energy companies making profits at the expense of vulnerable pensioners, raised the winter fuel allowance to £400 and regulated social tariffs to give proper discounts to older customers.” For a flyer see 22oct1 or go to


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