Join the campaign for a windfall tax

Supporters of the People Before Profit Charter in Cardiff have been busy organising a protest outside British Gas headquarters to highlight the broadly-supported demand for a windfall tax on the obscene profits of the energy giants. The protest has already been backed by some local councillors from Labour and Plaid Cymru, as well as many local activists and trade unionists. Speakers for the protest, who will be announced shortly, will be introduced by Marianne Owens, Vice Chair of the PCS Union in Wales.

Cardiff supporters of the charter have set up a facebook group which already has almost fifty members, and they and are hoping to use the protest as a launch-pad for a public meeting to bring together these people and others to discuss the best way of fighting to achieve the goals it sets out.

Local activist Adam Johannes, said that “British Gas hiked prices to increase profits by 500% last year, now they and the other gas companies have increased bills again. We see no reason why a quarter of the population should be plunged into fuel poverty so that Jake Ulrich, boss of Centrica can “earn” a million pounds a year.

“The government pledged billions to back up Nothern Rock and then nationalise it to bail out some bankers. How about renationalising the gas companies to bail out ordinary people at the mercies of these cowboys? Enough is enough.”

The demonstration will be held at 2pm on Saturday September 27th, outside British Gas headquarters on Churchill Way in Cardiff City Centre.

Several groups of Charter supporters are organising lobbies of MPs to demand a windfall tax. Others are holding events at Tesco after it declares its profits on 30 September.


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