Successful protest in Cardiff

Protesting for a windfall tax

Protesting for a windfall tax

Around 30 supporters of the People Before Profit Charter held a lively picket outside British Gas’s Cardiff headquarters on Saturday 27 September demanding a windfall tax on energy company super profits.The protest was supported by a wide range of individuals and organisations. Plaid Cymru members of the Welsh Assembly Leanne Wood and Nerys Evans attended, as did veteran left-wing Labour councillor Ray Davies. Several members of Cardiff Trades Council attended, as did representatives from Cardiff Young Greens, the SWP, the Socialist Party and Cymdeithas Yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society).Leanne Wood described how some estimates suggest up to 25,000 people could die from cold this winter as pensioners and poorer people switch off their heating to save money.”As long as these companies are looking to make profits, people are going to die. The only way to prevent that is to take these companies back into public ownership. If it was good enough for the banks, it’s good enough for British Gas too!”

During her speech to the crowd, Leanne Wood told how she had been sent a letter by British Gas urging her not to attend the protest, as had the representative from the Welsh Language Society.

Adam Johannes was one of the organisers of the protest. He said that the Charter was having an impact. “We’ve received coverage for this protest in the local newspapers and regional television news. The protest was the top news story on Cardiff’s Red Dragon Radio all day and was only beaten on Real Radio by the US presidential debate!”

Charter supporters agreed to move forward by setting up a public launch rally for the Charter in Cardiff.

– Jonny Jones, Cardiff.


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